You’ve Just Got to Laugh | Tipping Points at The Emerging Writers’ Festival 2017

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In June this year I Skyped in to Melbourne from New York City to participate in a 24-hour playwriting event, which was part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival. Four writers, four actors a director and a producer were involved. The four writers had 12 hours to write a piece (given a brief at the start of the time) and then the actors and director had 12 hours to prepare them to be presented at a reading the following evening.

The theme, broadly speaking, was our changing climate. More specifically, we were given a “collective reality” with a series of facts about Australia in the year 2030.

The following is my piece: « Read the rest of this entry »


And Juliet

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Scene one

A rather bare stage. Two women — later revealed to be the NURSE and LADY CAPULET — enter.

They stand downstage centre and speak to the audience, almost as a chorus.

LADY CAPULET: In fair Verona.

NURSE: We lay our scene.

Lights up on a bedroom, it’s empty, it belongs to a young woman.

The two women look at each other.


LADY CAPULET: Where is my daughter?


The NURSE shrugs.





Finally: enter JULIET 

JULIET: Who calls?

NURSE: Your mother.

The two exchange a look — ’of course is is’

She turns to her mother and curtsies

JULIET: I’m here. « Read the rest of this entry »

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