The Golden Age

February 27, 2015 § Leave a comment


Of television: life and living.


It’s true that our plumb jobs start early

And that we’re late to leave

But my god


It’s the Golden Age –

Of television.

The programs are cinematic

Epics of Dickensian storytelling;

Shakespearean dramas, comedies,

Tragedies – visual feats and feasts:



From the long office hours

Spent in cubicles


‘Till we can return home

To watch the televisual masterpieces

From the minds of masterminds

Come these tales of escape

And fantasy;

Where new realities and old

Are (re)invigorated for (post)modernity.


The cost of living is high

    It’s true

The high life is costly

For  the  hours  we  keep  are  long:

Long  have  we  been  sleep  deprived:

Depraved  men  and  women

Doing  little  exercise  and  are  unfit

In  body  as  in  mind



When we finally return

To our overpriced homes

On various devices we can watch:

Switch on; switch off

And forget who we are.


Therefore, we work


All the while

Becoming tired

And are justified in this

Respite from the ‘real’ world:



And it must be such,

It’s true

For it all comes down to cost:

The desire

Of comfort

Must outweigh

The discomfort

Of revolt:

It’s revolutionary math.

The price of peace

Is the willing submission

Of all;

Or, at least,


Thence, we are encouraged to speak out…

But only to say:

‘What’s the alternative?’

For there is no acceptable answer

To this equation

Aside from the status quo:

Docile bodies do not ask

Questions about rights;

They are dismissed

Too tired.

Critical thinking is not required

To live your #lyf.

[It is almost embarrassing to bring these things up but…]

(Somewhere else someone cries

Somewhere else someone dies

Somewhere else someone is homeless

Somewhere else someone is jobless

Somewhere else someone has no TV)


What a shame.                                                    They’re missing out!

On Freedom

To choose what program to watch

In the Golden Age

Of television!


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