Pass the Rosary

January 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

The men line up outside the tower; one by one they stand

In single file, in ghostly light, they pass the rosary

Without words, nor looks, but pomp: the beads move from hand to hand.


Ceremonious exchange conducted in roguery

With just the clock tower, and its knowing minute hand

Tracking transactions and glowing above in rhythmic glee;


Watching the sanctimonious, post-ironic wasteland

Where men all come in unison then speak a homily

For a fading brotherhood conceived through divine demand.


For it’s a secret affair when men pass the rosary:

They share themselves amongst themselves, passing the sacred band:

Unified together as a clandestine coterie.


Their savvy set-up can easily avoid reprimand

With considered confrontation and daring drollery;

Nighttime trysts bathed in moonlight and a tower’s hour hand.


The clan’s as old as man himself: controlled skilfully

And is almost able to self-perpetuate unmanned

With friends helping friends and a mentor with a protégée.


Dawn breaks the circle thus disbanding the debauchery,

Leaving the faint-glowing tower that was there beforehand

As the sole witness; until the next night when they re-band:

Then once again the men will stand and pass the rosary.


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