Such a Divine Comedy – Time

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I. Paradise

Antediluvian nightmares

From beyond

Chimera’s euphoric dream.

Space trips at the centre

Tearing reality at the seam.

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On the terror of traffic lights and docile bodies; or, a monologue on jaywalking

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It is late and you are alone. You’re somewhere public, walking along the street and you approach a crossroad. As you approach the curb you notice that the lights are red, and, even though you know that there is no one around, even though you know that there is no danger, you still hesitate.

Let us first consider the public sphere, and, in particular, the role of the individual; both their responsibility and rights, within it. The public sphere is a meeting place; of people and ideas; it is, therefore, inherently a place of sharing. One cannot enter the public sphere and be alone, for there are always reminders of others; from people to structures. When entering and operating within this space we are required to acknowledge laws and customs and then willingly sacrifice some freedoms in order to participate. Choosing not to adhere – which is always an option – leads to social exclusion, or, in the most drastic, incarceration and perhaps death.

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Two Modern Mothers

December 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

“This is the same street

As that one, you know,

That one that girl was on


One woman says to the other

Over a glass of Sav Blanc,

And tap water

No ice

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It’s about control; It’s about consent

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It’s about control; it’s about consent.

About which latest (social) media scandal am I talking? Well, without being too reductionist, you can pretty much take your pick. For these two ideas, control and consent, currently characterize most debates on contemporary issues.

These two notions are at the crux of cornerstone questions people must be asking themselves when engaging in topics as far flung as feminism, animal rights, cultural or economic divides and queer politics. The two questions that need to be asked are: is someone controlling someone else? And, has this person consented to being controlled?

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There’s something about

Being in


That is so


The familiar smells

And warmth:

Both coming from you

And giving back

To you,

As Other:

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